Moving Blog Houses

I've moved to wordpress, for real this time!


A Weekend At Spectrum

Seeing Melbourne trio, Love of Diagrams

And the night before...seeing Chaingang.

Awesome. I'm exhausted from all the meds, thus little to say.


When Your Dad Witnesses Too Much

For example the moment you posed with your guys friends in such a provocative manner, you know he wasn't happy. It was probably made worst by the fact your friend took a photo of it - oops.

But I think he should just let go. You are a growing lady after all. Whatever.
Happy Birthday Chauntelle Channel...your present is on the way.


It Ends Like This

With you half-asleep on the bus ride home. Not breakfast at Maccy D's at 4am but a 30-second video of gold material to show at your 21st.

I promise we are an evil a lovely bunch, usually a drunk bunch by the looks of all these (and the earlier) photos. Its fun. We're fun. Ah crap, who am I kidding?

I am also quite happy with the quality of that first photo...photo shoot any one?

Wear Both Earplugs Next Time

Well, at least don't wear just one - a pair is best because as I had discovered the following morning, things were slightly quieter in my right ear - say wha?

The following photos are from another Click Click party, the week before this post...maybe.

The story behind this night was meant to be simple - happy hour drinks, dinner, a gig, and dancing consecutively. Despite being planned that way it ended with breakfast. Hm. We did manage to see Brisbane band, Yves Klein Blue though.

Some more photos on Those Walls, ...

I'm beginning to think the non-existent order of these photos makes it rather difficult for me to associate a context with. The regularity of places and people almost makes it feel rather routine...not that its a bad thing, as they [my friends] are my second home.

Too Many Nights End Here

More shenanigans at the weekly Friday night party held at OAF, Click Click. It's funny how small Sydney is becoming. Lets just say my social circle is literally a circle transcending into the fourth dimension by meeting the same person in a space of a week. Weird, huh?

I was meant to see My Disco who were performing with Fabulous Diamonds before this at OAF but I was called elsewhere...namely Klair's 21st. I'm not complaining though.


Lessons on Getting Kicked Out

I'm nearing the end of 21st birthday parties.

My great friend, Klair, celebrated hers on Anzac Day with quite some flair arriving in a stretched, black limo hummer. The party went well into the morning and it'd be fair to say the night wasn't without trouble. Trouble that was never started by any of us but more so, service men. Trouble also comes in the form of a bar tab.

Tonight, I'll be out to celebrate another friend's 21st and that could well be the last of them. Maybe things might settle down and I can finally focus on uni work.

The Low-Down, Ho-Down

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